Problem Statement As a medical practitioner like Dentists need to be well aware about the cash flows and areas of cash flows, it's impacts on profits and summary of accounting for different time intervals.

    • Analysis of Quickbooks accounts
    • Study the routine for medical practitioners
    • Understanding of Incomes and Expenses
    • Understanding of Capital investments and depreciations
    • Many heads for cash flows(In/Out)
    • Quickbooks API integration
    • Processing information
    • Authentication and authorization
    • Effective UI/UX
    • Charts - Customization and Interactive
    • Preparing Benchmarking mechanism
    • Consistency of the information
    • Performance
    • Prepare a mapping protocol to tag appropriate head
    • Processing Transactional information
    • Preparing Staging information to use for Charts and Reports
    • Quickbooks Webhooks and Sync
    • Background Authentication for continuous access
    • Interaction with Account team managing Quickbooks accounts
    • Convert functional requirements to algorithm
    • Design UI/UX
    • Customizing the Chart library for effective presentation of data

Visual Guide

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  • Faster Benchmarking at different time range
  • Trends based on industry average
  • Better access to processed information
  • Faster and confident decision making

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