The 10 Most Huge Tech Acquisitions of 2018

In the tech world, companies whether small or big change hands constantly — it’s hard to keep up!

Read to discover ten huge tech acquisitions that made major headlines last year.

 1. IBM Acquired Red Hat

Talking about The 10 Most Huge Tech Acquisitions of 2018, Top of the list is One of the popular Industry name IBM acquired Red Hat for around $34 billion, making it the biggest business deal involving an open source company till now.

The North Carolina located company is known for providing open source enterprise software to different companies, with Red Hat Enterprise Linux as their main product.

2. Gannett Acquired WordStream

One of the largest newspaper publishers in the U.S., Gannett Company, acquired cloud-based SaaS marketing company WordStream for $150 million in July 2018.

WordStream helps businesses small or big manage ad spend and maximize their online advertising budget on major platforms including Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook.

3. Oracle Acquired Datafox

The leading computer technology corporation Oracle bought up Datafox, a startup whose mission is to eliminate grunt work for many business professionals.

Most of Datafox’s work is on making artificial intelligence analyze huge business data to come up with big business predictions that can make a difference. Datafox was valued at $33 million in January 2017.

4. Twilio Acquired Sendgrid

San Francisco located cloud communications company Twilio acquire SendGrid, 9-year-old email delivery service company, for $2 billion in stock. SendGrid was founded and started by three developers who were seeking a better way for businesses to send an email.

5. Adobe Acquired Marketo

Software giant Adobe acquired cloud B2B marketing software company Marketo for $4.75 billion. Adobe from a long time has been working on its own cloud solution suite, the Adobe Experience Cloud, adding Marketo will help them to improve it.

6. Cisco Acquired Duo Security

Cisco, one of the biggest names in computer security and networking, acquired Michigan located cybersecurity company Duo Security for $2.35 billion.

7. AT&T Acquired AlienVault

One of the telecommunication giant AT&T bought San Mateo located cybersecurity company AlienVault for an undisclosed amount to launch its own standalone cybersecurity business unit.

8. Siemens Acquired Mendix

German conglomerate Siemens bought cloud-based company Mendix for $730 million to accelerate their research and development department.

9. DocuSign Acquired SpringCM

The San Francisco located DocuSign acquired Chicago-based cloud company SpringCM for $220 million in cash. DocuSign is known for providing very secure solutions for electronic exchanges of contrasts and signed documents globally.

10. Salesforce Acquired Datorama

Last but not least in our list of The 10 Most Huge Tech Acquisitions of 2018 is Salesforce. Salesforce acquired Israel located cloud artificial intelligence company Datorama for almost more than $800 million. Datorama uses Artificial Intelligence and the cloud technology for marketing intelligence and analytics to help various businesses improve on how they propagate their brands.

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