One of the key principles of Ruby on Rails development is convention over configuration. This means that the developer does not need to spend more time configuring different files in order to get set up, Rails comes with various set of conventions which help speed up development. We have a professional team of experienced ROR developer who has worked in almost all dimension on Ruby on Rails application development.

With the successful and timely execution of 450+ projects, Techcompose has become a renowned service provider at the global scale. We play an influential role in the web application development industry as the best Ruby on Rails development company. Our technically skilled developers are capable of implementing all incredible features of ruby on rails framework to bring the best, robust and flexible solution in accordance with the project requirements. With the 100% customer satisfaction ratio, we have delivered services to 250+ clients in more than 15+ countries.

Ruby on rails development

Techcompose is specialized RoR development company which provides you with a high level of RoR customization and development. With our RoR service, you can get the perfect solution for your business needs. We can develop amendments, additional functional, and all kinds of modifications to your project. We believe your business is unique and has different requirements so we offer you with a 100% customizable Ruby on Rails development service that suits your business needs.

What benefits do you get to leverage out of RoR development?

  • Can create own plug and play mobile apps
  • Cost effective technology
  • Ruby codes are easily readable and self-documenting
  • Create high-quality products that are easily maintained
  • Agile methodology
  • Interchangeable database

Hire dedicated Ruby on Rails(ROR) developer with us

Our professional and experienced team consists of passionate, enthusiastic, and highly skilled Ruby on Rails developer. Hire our RoR developers, and they will work solely for you according to your business requirements. Our developers use the latest technologies in Ruby on Rails. We can create a secure, fast and robust web applications. Additionally, our RoR developers work dedicatedly on each client project. That’s how we are able to deliver error-free and high-performance applications. Techcompose empowers you to shape your business with innovative concepts.

Our Ruby and Rails Development Services

  • Ruby on Rails consulting and development
  • RoR support and maintenance
  • E-commerce application development
  • Customized social networking application
  • Employee management system with reports
  • Amazon EC2 and other cloud hosting help
  • Ruby on Rails customized development services
  • Installation, deployment, and migration of RoR applications
  • Designing, redesigning and customizing RoR web applications
  • Developing CMS services
  • Installing plugins, themes, social media applications or developing
  • QA/Testing

Our technical expertise in ROR development include

  • Rails 5, Rails 4, Rails 3 and lower
  • Ruby 2.2.x and lower
  • Database like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB etc
  • Testing tools like RSpec, Cucumber, Mini test
  • Front-end interfaces – HTML 5, Responsive mobile, Mobile compatible, Jquery, CoffeeScript, BootStrap/Material and Slim framework
  • JS framework like Angular, ReactJS
  • Proxy/Web Servers like Apache2, Nginx, puma, Unicorn, Redis
  • Rescue and Sidekiq background workers
  • Deploying application using capistrano, mina on servers such as Heroku, AWS, Digital Ocean etc. Cloud Infrastructure
  • Rails application servers like Webrick, Mongrel, mod_rails/Phusion Passenger/Thin