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Techcompose is a Top Mobile App and Web development Company in USA and  India that serves Marketing Industry covering lead generation, Public relations, branding,  affiliate marketing, advertisement, network marketing, social media marketing, marketing mix, advertise, internet marketing and many other projects.

With the growth of the Internet, the world has changed from one of information scarcity to one of information abundance. In the old world of information scarcity, the concept of “lead generation” meant marketing found the names of potential buyers and passed them to sales. Buyers expected that they would have to talk to sales and sales expected to speak to uneducated early stage buyers that may not yet be qualified. This has all changed. Today, buyers can do their own research online and can find a variety of educational resources through search engines, social media, and other online channels.

We, at TechCompose assisting a large number of companies create more prospects or sales leads, enhance the business leads, and increase transformation rate throughout the sales process. If you need more prospects or sales lead, or need to make better use of business lead that you have, talk to our team and see how we can enhance your lead generation effort.

Lead Generation activity includes

  • Creation of new website seeking enhanced leads
  • Help you in creating and implementing cost effective plan of lead generation
  • SEO and SMO for improving rate of conversation
  • To boosting search result activities like Pay-per-Click(PPC) and Organic search are made
  • Effective use of Social media campaigns to generating and increasing sales lead
  • Use Email marketing campaigns to reach out to the potential customer
  • Effective use of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytic to improve lead generation Activity.

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