Laravel vs Yii: Which is the Best PHP Framework in 2019

Laravel vs Yii: Which is the best PHP framework in 2019

The PHP framework is quite popular when it comes to developing websites. More than 80% of all the websites including the big players like,,, and are built with PHP which makes it the major server-side scripting language in the world of website development.

Talking about Laravel vs Yii: Which is the best PHP framework in 2019, There are many popular PHP frameworks today, however, Yii and Laravel tend to make it difficult to make a choice among many. When you look at Google Trends graphic, you will find that at some point Yii was much more popular, but then something happened, and the situation changed drastically.

What you should know about Laravel

The key features of Laravel are:

  • The embedded components of Laravel for cache, session, authentication, and queue are the biggest advantage of Laravel, which makes the platform stand out from others.
  • Laravel is characterized by the great modularity thanks to IoC (the inversion of control), which enhances efficient class dependencies management.
  • An effective migration system for databases enables this framework to use for both in small and large teams.
  • An enormous active community of laravel supporters and comprehensive tutorials considerably facilitate the learning curve.
  • The framework is effective when it comes to creating Restful Web Services.

A few facts about Yii

The official release of Yii was in 2008, Despite the fast-paced development, Yii is still lagging behind Laravel according to the usage statistics.

The advantages of using Yii

  • Yii framework is ideal for rapid development as it has code generators for CRUD operations.
  • Just like Laravel framework, Yii too utilizes the DRY coding rule, which is quite helpful for writing a well-structured and sophisticated code base.
  • Yii framework has many built-in widgets to validate or output data quickly with Ajax support.
  • The Yii platform is extensible; anyone can alter any piece of code and build custom extensions as per requirement.
  • Yii framework was designed to improve the website performance and loading time is faster compared to Laravel platform.
  • The clear and intuitive mechanism of Yii framework makes it easy for various users to create themes and skins to extend Yii core.
  • There are millions of active supporters willing to share their knowledge of Yii through different educational resources.


When we talk about Laravel vs Yii: Which is the best PHP framework in 2019, We can say that Laravel framework is perfect for the large-sized and complex web applications as it is equipped with numerous unique features.

Yii framework is a convenient and comprehensive tool especially for smaller projects, and each framework has its own pros and cons which are important to take into account:

  • Validation. Yii has a distinctive client-side validation coupled to the class of a form or a model.
  • Project setup. Laravel framework has modern project structure instead of Yii platform.
  • Extensions. Both frameworks come with a multitude of awesome extensions for any occasion.
  • Security. When it comes to Security, Laravel lacks ready-made tools for access control.
  • Migrations. In Yii framework, you can create a fixture and use it to seed the database.
  • Guidelines. For middle-skilled specialists, Laravel may seem to be a bit complex.

The biggest benefit of Laravel framework is its laconic core system with highly organized components, which allows Laravel enthusiasts to write elegant code effectively. If you are looking for Skilled, experienced Laravel and Yii developers then you can contact us or you can reach us at

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