Laravel Vs Lumen: Which One is Better?

Laravel Vs Lumen: Which One is Better?

Laravel is an open source PHP platform for web application development. It is free and was created by Taylor Otwell which was released in 2011. While Lumen is a micro framework which was created by the same creator of Laravel i.e. Taylor Otwell. Lumen means a smaller, simpler, and faster version of the complete web application platform. Lumen is primarily used to develop microservices that reduce complexity and enhances the overall improvements effectively.

Let us discuss a few of the major Difference Between Laravel vs Lumen framework:

  1. Laravel is a web application framework that supports many third-party tools whereas Lumen is a micro framework which is used to create micro-services with the intent of providing high speed and high response time.
  2. Laravel requires various different kinds of server configuration and other tools which are used along with the application whereas Lumen framework is a light form of existing Laravel version which provides various specialized features such as API development, cookies, templating, caching, logging, routing, HTTP sessions and many more.
  3. Laravel framework can be integrated with many different numbers of tools whereas Lumen has less number of integration facility with other tools.
  4. Performance of Laravel is good in the case of SQL queries whereas Lumen’s performance affects and declines in the case of SQL queries.
  5. Laravel framework has different specifications in the case of ORM framework whereas Lumen framework has no particular specifications.
  6. Laravel framework has its own command line interface which is already built in whereas Lumen is a feature-rich micro framework.
  7. Laravel framework has a built-in object-relational mapping framework whereas Lumen micro framework is easily upgradable.
  8. Laravel is good for building different Restful APIs whereas Lumen is one of the best performing micro frameworks API for building microservices.
  9. Laravel framework has better documentation to work on whereas Lumen framework has no clear mention documentation but it is quite easy to use.
  10. It is easy to integrate authentication with the web application in Laravel whereas Lumen has no inbuilt integrated third-party tool.
  11. Laravel framework handles the event queuing easily and effectively whereas Lumen has no such inbuilt feature.
  12. Laravel framework has a powerful template system whereas Lumen micro framework has no such feature.
  13. Laravel platform has a steep learning curve to master this framework whereas Lumen has less learning curve and is easy to implement.
  14. Laravel framework has poor speed compared to Lumen.
  15. Laravel platform has a Symfony framework which can be used to create Symfony Components where as Lumen micro framework does not have any such features.


Lumen vs Laravel both are PHP based application frameworks Lumen has poor community support but high speed and performance enabling features whereas the Laravel has a very large user base and great active community to support with very high individual contributors.

Talking about Laravel Vs Lumen ,Laravel is more stable, feature rich and requires more learning compared to Lumen and is recommended for smaller applications which does not need any performance but requires security of the developed application whereas Lumen can be preferred or considered for different application which requires speed and performance irrespective of the features and integration facilities which can be easily improved or achieved by using different other components and latest techniques.

So The overall choice of selecting the framework from both Laravel and Lumen totally depends on the parameters required for the application that needs to be developed. If you are looking to develop your web application then you can contact us or you can hire our dedicated Laravel developers who can provide you scalable, reliable and safe web or mobile application that meets your requirement.

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