Techcompose is one of a top offshore development center in India and USA. Techcompose provides service for hiring a dedicated developer or team for your development or marketing project. Whether it be offshore WordPress development or offshore software development. We provide offshore development services by providing dedicated resources as an extension to your existing team for offshore software development, offshore software testing, and many other services.

Nowadays more and more companies want to ramp up their development part and scale up at the speed of light. They want to launch their applications faster to market, cut down their release cycles, ensure consistently high performance, and make the overall experience remarkable and quick. Doing this in-house is very time consuming and takes the focus away from your main business. The offshore development centre (which is also referred to as ODC) is now a popular business model to lower down your operating expenses and raise productivity levels by leveraging talent offshore. This model is generally used for developing, testing, and deploying software offshore with the benefit of having a core, dedicated team, and infrastructure.

offshore development center

An offshore development center is a remote counterpart to establish in-house IT personnel. Consider it as a virtual department, a dedicated team located beyond the doors of your business, though never out of your reach. Engaging an offshore software development company enables you to focus on your core value competencies and dramatically increase your agility by embracing the expertise of TechCompose`s offshore development team. The offshore development center model is proven as the most effective method that gives you greater visibility and predictability throughout your project development process.

An offshore development center (ODC) is very important and helpful to clients. Definitely, when you set up an offshore development center with us, you will receive varied profit like high return on the deal and highest excellence of output. We help various start-ups and small to mid-size software companies to set up their offshore development center (ODC) to reduce their cost and increase ROI. By selecting us your ODC, you will significantly reduce cost, as you do not have to incur any expenses on infrastructure development, hiring employees or any other cost involved in project development. Offshore development center at Techcompose signifies a business model where experienced and dedicated high skill team of developer works at Techcompose`s offshore development center in Ahmedabad and meets the requirements of our client from countries like USA, UK, South Africa, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

How does it work?

Our flexible pricing is set on a month to month basis for designer and developers as per the specialization level and the project scope. You can even control the advancement of the offshore development by online undertaking different administration devices. At the beginning of the strategic collaboration, when the administration starts, we can impart specifically through email, phone or instant messenger, so that the ODC team can react instantly by understanding expectations in conjunction with your group. Upon your request, we will also provide you with the portfolio and resume of skillful developers who are highly experienced in relevant domains, technologies and for projects, you are looking for. We will provide offices, human assets, recruitment, payroll, and comprehensive administrations for all our seaward colleagues.

Offshore Software Development Company Key Benefits

The main benefits that one can achieve by outsourcing project development can be broken down into the following:

  • Reduce cost in salaries and infrastructure.

  • Easy recruiting by delegating and expanding the search worldwide.

  • You get innovation and quality.

  • You can focus on your business.

  • Shared responsibility.

  • Auto-scaling the IT team.