With an extremely competitive market proposing new refined services these days a dedicated servicing team is attaining a very vital role. Operating entirely on a specific project, a dedicated specialist is a skilled to find out about the client’s needs and to satisfy them within the best manner.

TechCompose incorporates a dedicated team on board to act as service providers; hire dedicated programmers, full-time developers on the full-time equivalent (FTE) employee contract basis for you in India.

TechCompose guarantees a dedicated employees to our customers for such projects. We’ve a dedicated Team that includes of specialists matching your actual IT and business needs. This team becomes your remotely located employees, operating regular for you, from the development Centre in Ahmedabad.

The TechCompose Dedicated Team works directly beneath your command and management. We have a tendency to supervise the resources on your behalf to make sure optimum output and productivity. The team is accessible as per your shift needs throughout your business hours.

Dedicated Team Service Key Benefits:

  • Flexible engagement contract
  • Complete devotion to your business objectives
  • Skilled employees to work completely for you
  • Possibility to pick team members, encourage and manage them
  • Experienced dedicated team leader to make sure the foremost economical workflow
  • Direct contact
  • Transparent advancement

Features and Advantages:

  • TechCompose Dedicated Team: Remotely placed dedicated employees
  • Fixed monthly value, with no overhead or hidden fees
  • Significant value savings compared to on-site teams
  • Highly competent resources
  • Complete control over resources and processes
  • Option to regulate the team’s schedule to your time zone
  • Operations is quickly scaled up when needed
  • Easy communication using voice, IM
  • Project management and regular status reports

Techcompose Dedicated Team

The Techcompose Dedicated Team from our Techcompose development center consists of a dedicated pool of software system professionals who effectively form a virtual extension of your team. The Techcompose development center offers the most effective of both worlds – the advantages of one’s own team, however without the difficulties of managing it.

Web Application or Software Development Team

Web Application or Software development may be a rather long method. We have dedicated team service notable for its transparent advancement, economical solutions, and effective communication the risk for you to pay extra money is considerably reduced.

Web Development dedicated team service is developed to supply a very exclusive approach to your desires and maximum cost efficiency for your business. You’ll be able to monitor progress via instant messenger, e-mail, and telephone connection and have a complete control over the process.

Mobile Apps Team

The Mobile Apps dedicated team will provide you with the utmost expertness, creativity, and non-trivial approach. Every dedicated team has an experienced team leader to avoid potential unpredictable problems with the development method and to make sure the foremost economical work-flow.

Each engagement contract for the dedicated team services is developed consistent with the client’s needs to provide the most effective cost-efficient resolution for a specific project.

The constitution of the dedicated team and therefore the contract engagement period are all dependent on the client’s selection.

To avail for the Techcompsose’s Dedicated Team, please contact us with your specific requirements at sales@techcompose.com.