Freelancers Vs Agencies, Which One to Choose for Your Website or App Development

Freelancers Vs Agencies, which one to choose for your website or app development

The world is becoming smaller and smaller due to the latest range of technology options available and also due to the growing usage of the internet.  For all another thing on the internet, there is a website or mobile app which can provide all the required information about that particular new technology. And any individuals, as well as the organizations for their business, have to be in sync with the proliferating technology options. They need to hire developers – be it mobile app or website – to grow their business globally. Now the question arises what could be more advantageous – freelancers or agencies? Let us explore in this blog post.

Talking about Freelancers Vs Agencies, which one to choose for your website or app development. Did you know??

According to a report, the number of daily searches on Search engine Google is 3.5 billion.

Another report also states that smartphone users are expected to grow to a whopping 2.87 billion.

From the above both statistics, it can be easily inferred that for any businesses to remain in the market it is very important for them to grow their internet presence across all devices.

Well, most of the essential needs of any business can be catered at one place where different types of skilled developers are available in one organization. This is especially for those businesses who want to quickly ramp up their development task along with quality with the help of specialized skills of experienced developers. This approach is beneficial in all the ways as compared to hiring any single freelancers.

Hiring an experienced agency is always a better option. Let us explore why hiring experienced developers from a company is better than hiring single freelancers.

1. Dedicated developers are easy to manage:

In the case of individual freelancers, there is a lot of work associated in their management as the work is not coordinated from any central point. There is a strong chance that different processes that are involved in development become more haphazard and even more difficult to be coordinated. Such things can be taken care of by the project manager in an agency. To diminish this, you should consider hiring experienced developers from a company, which would give you daily updates and report about the project from a single representative of the team. This will ensure your work will be done in an easy manner and in time.

2. Security:

If you hire experienced developers from a company, then it will become their responsibility to make sure that your project and data you provided will be highly secure and product development should be done in a stipulated time.

It is very important to understand that every developer has a unique approach to develop a particular project and also have a different style of coding. Although there are defined coding standards and best practices available, there is still some room for interpretation which can cause damage. If different developers make changes on a single project in regular interval, it is more likely to have a very negative effect on your website. In the worst scenario, if freelancers won’t practice good changes, then it could become very difficult to retain all the efficiency and effectiveness of your developed mobile app or website.

3. Vivid range of resources:  

Talking about Freelancers Vs Agencies, which one to choose for your website or app development, when you hire experienced developers from a company, you can have direct access control on your resources throughout the development cycle of your project. Further, you will also get different benefits such as infrastructural facilities, a favorable environment for development, communication facilities etc. Also, when the project is assigned to the company, there is easy backup resource management option as they can scale up their team up or down as per the elastic needs of the project.

4. Control and observe the project closely:

It is customary that most of the mobile app and website development companies give regular updates about your project status, daily activities, and the complete bio of the developer. The hired developers as well as organization ensure the timely completion of your project. In case of freelancer timely completion of any project is not guaranteed. Moreover, some also lack when it comes to reporting regarding the status of your project.

5. Robust Support:

In case of Freelancers Vs Agencies, which one to choose for your website or app development. If you hire an experienced developer from a company, you will be able to get custom support as and when you required. This will help you in solving the queries or any issues, if encountered while monitoring the project.

6. Enhance your brand:

While working with the experienced developers from a company, consistency is always maintained during the development of the project. Also, it is seen many times that the design of a website has a strong impact on the brand, which can be either fully enhanced or diminished due to poor design, depending on how well the design is executed in a website. Any company which can understand your business`s long-term goal and vision of the brand will be able to translate the same in your website efficiently. But this won’t be a case with the individual freelancers.

7. Enhanced efficiency:

Well talking about an efficiency and Freelancers Vs Agencies, which one to choose for your website or app development then hiring experienced developers from a company enhances the overall efficiency of the project, which is effectively streamlining the overall workflow of the project execution.

8. Reduced Cost:

It is usually noticed that developers hired from a company are able to function at a cost lower than hiring freelancers for the various different processes of a particular project.  This will also minimize the risk of doing the same job twice or thrice because of the discrepancies found in the project that has been already done. Further, the company will also own the dedicated team of quality assurance professionals, who could easily check the quality of your developed project at different stages of the project, ensuring a robust and bug-free Website or Mobile App.


if you are wondering Freelancers Vs Agencies, which one to choose for your website or app development, then we all are aware that most of the website and mobile app projects require to be updated on regular basis. It is always a better option to hire developers from an offshore development company to complete the project on time with quality than to deploy different freelancers at different points of time. Contact us to hire dedicated developers or you can reach us at

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