Why I choose Ruby on Rails for Web and Mobile API Development

Why I choose Ruby on Rails for Web and Mobile API Development

Ruby on Rails becomes the first choice for full-stack Web development with great support for Web and Mobile API development as a separate mode. This is really a great advancement by the Rails framework to support all frameworks.

1. With the release of Rails 5.0, it becomes 14th version release of this framework and proven to be a matured technology which is used by more than a decade.

2. ROR community is passionate, active and determined.

3. Ruby is still the best and effective langue for the programmers and language used for creating rails framework, this proves it to be the best combination of programming language and MVC framework.

4. The most important reason is it allows you to easily convert the product idea into the prototype in a short time period.

Rails 5 with new features

Rails 5 comes with some exciting features like Action Cable for managing connections, a channels layer for server-side processing, and a JavaScript layer for client-side interaction. Other is API mode which helps you to get a slimmed down skeleton and configuration that assumes you’ll be working with JSON only. There is also new Turbolinks 5 with lots of improvement in rails 5.

Opinionated Framework

Talking about Why I choose Ruby on Rails for Web and Mobile API Development, Ruby on Rails is an opinionated Framework that makes you adhere to its way of doing things out-of-the-box. From the routing system to ActiveRecord, Rails assumes you build your apps in a particular way.

Ease Of Finding Talent

To me, one of the major factors when deciding whether to use X language or X framework for your next project or web startup is: am I going to be able to find talented X developers? Ruby on Rails is in the market for more than a decade and it has reached a point where it will be easy to find ROR developer.

Learning Of Technology
Any Ruby on Rails developer out will tell you that learning Rails is not hard. They’ll point you to the numerous tutorials and courses out there for learning Ruby on Rails, the Rails for Zombies course is a well known free course.

Better Suited With Front-End Framework
In the times like these, when the client side JavaScript frameworks, micro-services, and dedicated mobile apps have become popular, we are getting usual to adding API or Gateways to the back end web development framework chosen, for it to make the base for the front end app, web or mobile. And in this case, the back end framework can be that of any of Rails, Phoenix, elixir or node where, among the hot new frameworks, Rails has still maintained its relevance with its expedient APIs.

so these are the reasons Why I choose Ruby on Rails for Web and Mobile API Development. If you are looking to develop any web or mobile application on Ruby on Rails then you can contact us to get a quote for your web or mobile app development from Ruby on Rails development company. you can also reach us at inquiry@techcompose.com

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